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    Foshan City Allfid Welding Technology Co.,Ltd.GuangDong of China,is the collection branch labor trade is a body privately operated joint-stock company, the specialty is engaged in welding torch,welding machine,welding materials, marker tochnology and so on the profession product scientific research development and the production sale. In southern China's largest city electromechanical hardware market -- Guangdong Metal Centre, has a covering over 600 square meters of supermarket goods, more than a 3,000 square meter equipment production base, provides the high quality service, the technical support for the customer.
    In 2004 independently develops the development in the introduction overseas technology foundation "three negative poles" the thick plate welding system widely to apply to the stainless steel tube welding profession; With the domestic well-known colleges and universities and the specialized organization close cooperation, introduces, the development, the production every year, promotes several kind of new technologies, the new product. We sell the carbon dioxide gas welding machine, TIG welding torch (argon arc welding torch) and welding electric cable coupler - fast connection the prime series product to pass the national compulsory product CCC authentication with the European Union CE authen tication
 We are the Alibaba good faith passes the member unit.



Sale Add:No.11-12 Building 40,Guangdong International Metal City,Huangqi,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China,
Factory Add:No.31 Baigang east, Lihe Road, Baigang village, Lishui Town , Nanhai district, foshan City , China
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